George Clooney on Hollywood’s changing culture

George Clooney, 60, says things have changed in Hollywood in recent years. (Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage) George Clooney says things have changed in Hollywood in recent years.  “Just because you’re a boss, it doesn’t mean you get to s*** on people. I’ve been the boss and the guy being s*** on,” Clooney said in a new … Read more

B.C. Announces Permanent Paid Sick Leave — BC Alliance for Arts + Culture

Effective January 1, 2022, the vast majority of workers in B.C. no longer have to choose between going to work sick or losing wages, as B.C.’s first-ever permanent paid sick leave comes into effect with 5 paid sick days each year. Both full- and part-time employees are eligible for this benefit. To learn more, click … Read more

Introducing the Art for Social Change Network — BC Alliance for Arts + Culture

The Art for Social Change Network (ASCN) has officially launched! Led by community-engaged arts organizations acting as regional hubs, ASCN is designed to connect and support hundreds of arts for social change (ASC) organizations and independent artists across Canada. The ASC sector in Canada and around the world works in service to the needs of … Read more

Hill Strategies Releases Research on Anti-Black Racism in the Arts — BC Alliance for Arts + Culture

The latest issue of Hill Strategies’ Arts Research Monitor tackles equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization — specifically, the signs and effects of anti-Black racism in the arts. The issue features: Insights into equity issues in the arts, particularly anti-Black racism, including the challenging employment situation of racialized workers in Canada’s screen-based industry, insufficient philanthropic investment … Read more

‘Cancel Culture’ Has No Effect On This Year’s Grammy Nominees

The National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences released the 2022 Grammy nominations Tuesday, and made sure to include nominations for controversial celebrities like Dave Chappelle, Marilyn Manson and Louis C.K. Chappelle is a nominee in the Best Spoken Word Album category for “8:46,” a piece he did with Amir Sulaiman, while fellow comedian Louis … Read more

Eternals: Marvel’s Impersonal Metamyth – Christ and Pop Culture

Every other Tuesday in Storied, K. B. Hoyle explores the ways our cultural narratives act on us individually and in society as a whole. My favorite Greek myth when I was a kid was the story of Cupid and Psyche. I had a worn copy of Edith Hamilton’s Mythology that opened easily to that section because I read … Read more

Malfunction Recalls the Culture War That Came for Janet Jackson

Jackson’s eighth studio album, Damita Jo, still sold more than 3 million copies, but that was considered lackluster in its non-streaming day, especially for her (not helped by MTV staying at arm’s length and a diminished radio presence, which a Clear Channel executive insists was not by company-wide design, though he couldn’t speak for local stations). After … Read more