Jimmy Kimmel Tries To Explain The Most Bizarre QAnon Conspiracy Theory Yet

Jimmy Kimmel found that QAnon conspiracy theorists who gathered in Dallas two weeks ago to witness the supposed return of the John F. Kennedy Jr. aren’t put off by the fact that he never showed up. In fact, they’re still waiting for JFK Jr. despite the fact that he died in a plane crash in … Read more

TikTok says they’re working on removing Astroworld conspiracy videos

TikTok have responded amid the spread of videos on the platform spreading Satanic conspiracies regarding the “mass casualty” crowd crush incident at Travis Scott‘s Astroworld festival last week. Eight people died and hundreds were reportedly injured during Scott’s headlining set at venue NRG Park last Friday (November 5), when the audience began to compress towards the … Read more

Kimmel Mocks QAnon Nuts For Their Dumbest Conspiracy Theory Yet

Jimmy Kimmel spotted what might be the craziest right-wing conspiracy theory yet: John F. Kennedy Jr. is still alive and ready to lead their movement alongside Donald Trump. JFK Jr. died in a plane crash in 1999, but a crowd of QAnon followers gathered in Dallas, where he was supposed to reveal himself at 12:30 … Read more

Date Lab: They enjoyed a spirited conversation about conspiracy theories

Overall, “the conversation didn’t feel forced, it felt pretty natural,” Ellis said. “I very much felt from her that she was a super positive person. … That’s how I approach life as well.” After about two hours, when the sun began to set, Erin decided to call it a night. Ellis offered to walk her … Read more

Stephen Colbert Spots Major Flaw In Michael Flynn’s Vaccine Conspiracy Theory

“Now, let me get this straight. Flynn claims that the government’s plan is to sneak the vaccines into American food and their chosen vessel is salad. Really?” Colbert said of the conspiracy theory, which ex-President Donald Trump’s disgraced former national security adviser, a QAnon believer, riffed on during an internet show this week. “You might wanna … Read more