Adam Driver Doesn’t Care If You Like Him

It’s that ability to convey a suggestion of conflict and doubt behind a shield of aggression that’s made his work in this year’s films so effective. In The Last Duel, Driver plays Jacques Le Gris, a French nobleman accused of raping Marguerite de Carrouges (Comer), the wife of Le Gris’s one-time friend Jean de Carrouges. … Read more

Watch Debby Ryan’s Guide to Depuffing Skin Care and Day-to-Night Makeup

“I believe good skin and beauty is about five things,” Debby Ryan muses, moments after cleansing her complexion. “It’s about rituals, gratitude, drinking a lot of water,  getting a lot of sleep, and finding what works for you.” In the case of the 28-year-old actress and Night Teeth star, that means a mix-and-match approach of lotions, potions, … Read more

enough project VS. SOON+ Skin Care Sets – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes When I heard that enough project and SOON+, both Korean beauty brands under the Amorepacific Group, had launched new skin care sets, I jumped at the opportunity to trial those items. I’ve tried products from Amorepacific brands in the past, and I recently got a facial treatment at an Amorepacific … Read more

Alaska doctors RATION ‘life-saving’ care for patients in wake of the state’s recent Covid surge 

Doctors in Alaska are being forced to ration potentially life-saving care for COVID-19 patients in the wake of a massive surge currently hitting the state. Currently, more than 200 people are hospitalized with the virus in the state, with cases and deaths steadily increasing in recent days as well. Staff at Providence Alaska Medical Center … Read more

The Best Skin Care for Women Over 50, According to Industry Pros

Whether you’re a skin-care minimalist or maximalist, your regimen is likely to change over the long term as you tailor it to your needs. By nature of time and gravity, the markers of aging—deep wrinkles, sun spots, crepe-y texture, and loss of volume—present themselves most conspicuously mid-life onward, which is why many look to overhaul … Read more

7 Products from homegrown skin care brands that every skin care enthusiast must invest in

With the weather getting hotter by the day, it’s time to pamper the skin before the elements wreak havoc on it and leave behind dark spots, pigmentation and other skin troubles. Choosing the right regime for the skin is just as important as anything else and hence, here are a few homegrown brands that are … Read more

A Rock Chick Gets Ready: Skin Care, Makeup, and Second-Day Hair

My Evening Routine Isabella Engert| singer and songwriter, Kid Sistr The routine, however, starts the day before. “Second-day hair is always better,” says Englert. “So if I’ve got the luxury of a day between shows, I wash the day before. The first goop product—and I think the first clean product—I ever bought was the scalp … Read more

“Do we need to ration care?”: COVID patients overwhelm Montana hospitals

Billings, Montana — Montana, the first state to ban COVID-19 mandates for employees, has one of the lowest vaccination rates and the highest hospitalization rates in the country. Some hospitals have reached the point of not accepting new patients and are preparing to ration care. The intensive care unit at Billings Clinic is operating at 175% … Read more