One Coronavirus Vaccine Can Provide Broad Immunity Against Other Coronaviruses

Study is the first to demonstrate cross-protective immunity by vaccines. Northwestern Medicine scientists have shown for the first time that coronavirus vaccines and prior coronavirus infections can provide broad immunity against other, similar coronaviruses. The findings build a rationale for universal coronavirus vaccines that could prove useful in the face of future epidemics. “Until our … Read more

Biden’s broad booster plan driven partly by supply concerns

The deliberations underscore the extent to which top Biden administration officials were guided by concerns about future American vaccine supply, not just international data on vaccine performance, in developing their vision of a sweeping booster rollout. They also show how the administration grappled with living up to its commitment to help vaccinate the rest of … Read more

FDA panel votes against broad rollout of Pfizer booster shot, endorses narrower use

The FDA panel’s votes, while non-binding, are an unexpected roadblock for the Biden administration’s plan to begin administering boosters widely as early as next week. Pfizer sought approval from FDA to offer the booster to people 16 and older, while Moderna has applied for authorization to market boosters for people 18 and older. But the … Read more