Dems Have Crazy New Plan to Fund Biden’s Infrastructure Bill: Make Billionaires Pay Their Fair Share

Which seems pretty reasonable, particularly to people who, for example, didn’t see their net worth double in the past year to $222 billion, as was the case for Elon Musk, who recently took to Twitter to taunt Jeff Bezos for only being worth roughly $194 billion, and thus the second richest person in the world. … Read more

Work Boot Brands Eye Opportunity in Biden’s Infrastructure Bill – Footwear News

President Joe Biden’s much-debated infrastructure bill is not the first time Washington has attempted to modernize the country, but it’s among the boldest with a budget of over $1.2 trillion. As of press time, the legislation was still stalled in the House of Representatives, but among its components is a commitment to expanding clean energy … Read more

First lady says the Bidens are “heartbroken” over Colin Powell’s death

First lady Jill Biden said she and the president are “heartbroken” over Colin Powell’s death. The former secretary of state and longtime colleague of the president died Monday morning due to complications from COVID-19 at the age of 84.  Powell was fully vaccinated, but had suffered from multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that affects white blood … Read more

Joe Biden’s Night at Fiola Mare Invites Criticism Over Maskless Exit

President Joe Biden enjoyed a rare meal out in D.C. at posh Italian restaurant Fiola Mare this weekend, drawing attention to the established power dining spot in Georgetown — and becoming the latest prominent politician to get caught with their mask down. Observers captured photos and videos of the president and First Lady Jill Biden … Read more

Covid-stricken states still struggle months after Biden’s surge

The federal deployments also were limited to a handful of states in the Midwest and South experiencing the most severe outbreaks — while other states’ requests for personnel were rejected. That forced officials to work with outside contractors to quickly hire more doctors and nurses at local hospitals. By August, the federal government had dispatched … Read more

Biden’s biomedical research agency dropped from social spending bill

Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri, a senior Senate Republican appropriator, told POLITICO that he met with Biden’s lead on the project, White House Science and Technology Director Eric Lander, Thursday to discuss the path forward. “I’m a supporter of the concept and had a good meeting with Eric Lander,” he said, adding: “I think it’s … Read more

Where Biden’s vaccine mandate will hit and miss

3. It will be a while before the rule comes into effect — if it ever does. In addition to legal challenges, implementation of the rule will likely vary by state. Biden’s order directs the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Labor Department to mandate vaccination via an emergency temporary standard. These standards take effect … Read more

Joe Rogan Ripped For Conspiratorial Hot Take On Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Booster

Joe Rogan is facing backlash after he baselessly suggested President Joe Biden faked receiving the COVID-19 booster shot on live TV. The comedian tossed out his conspiracy theory about Biden’s televised third dose of the Pfizer vaccine during Thursday’s episode of his wildly popular “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast on Spotify. Biden got his booster on TV Monday and … Read more

As Joe Biden’s Agenda Hangs In Balance, Reporters Try To Explain Why – Deadline

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday that this week’s high-stakes, unresolved and unpredictable drama on Capitol Hill was “like an episode of a TV show.” A reporter quickly asked, “What TV show?” “Maybe The West Wing, if something good happens. Maybe Veep if not,” she said. She was talking specifically about the prospects that … Read more

Biden’s broad booster plan driven partly by supply concerns

The deliberations underscore the extent to which top Biden administration officials were guided by concerns about future American vaccine supply, not just international data on vaccine performance, in developing their vision of a sweeping booster rollout. They also show how the administration grappled with living up to its commitment to help vaccinate the rest of … Read more