Artist Spotlight: Le Ren – Our Culture

Lauren Spear, who performs under the alias Le Ren, spent her teenage years in Bowen Island/Nex̱wlélex̱m, a small municipality on the Canadian west coast, where she studied bluegrass. After relocating to Montreal as an adult, her musical interests expanded to contemporary folk, country, and rock, and she started sharing her first songs online in the … Read more

Music show: Dutch artist Luwten opens up to the world on second LP ‘Draft’

Issued on: 18/10/2021 – 16:40Modified: 18/10/2021 – 16:41 Hailing from the Netherlands, artist Tessa Douwstra performs under the name Luwten, which means “a place without wind” in Dutch. Her music channels traditional indie songwriting through a kaleidoscope of modern pop and experimental R&B. She recently released her second LP entitled “Draft”, which features 11 complex and … Read more

Artist Profile: Samia Halaby – Our Culture

The artist and academic Samia Halaby is regarded as a pioneer of Arabic modernism and a leading advocate for Palestine art in the twentieth century. Halaby’s family fled Palestine when she was 11 years old and settled in the United States. A graduate of Indiana University Bloomington, she went on to have a successful academic career, becoming … Read more

Artist Spotlight: W.H. Lung – Our Culture

Taking their name from a Chinese supermarket in their native Manchester, W.H. Lung started out as the studio-based project comprised of vocalist Joe Evans, multi-instrumentalist Tom Sharkett, and bassist Tom Derbyshire, who have played in various bands together since they met at school. Following the success of their 2019 debut Incidental Music, which fused their … Read more

Black Twitter Tries To CANCEL Jamaican Artist Sean Paul; For Being A ‘White Man’!!

Sean Paul is one of the most famous and successful Jamaican Dancehall artists in history. Now MTO News has learned that many social justice warriors on Black Twitter want to cancel him, because they say he’s a White man – who misappropriated Black culture. Here’s the woman who first started the #CancelSeanPaul movement. Listen to … Read more

Artist Spotlight: Magdalena Bay – Our Culture

Magdalena Bay have more than one way of pulling you into their continuously expanding DIY universe. In addition to their cinematic, majestic-sounding music, the Los Angeles indie pop duo of Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Lewin have built a strong online following across TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, and beyond, while their debut full-length Mercurial World is accompanied by a … Read more

Watch Thom Yorke Discuss Radiohead Album Covers with Artist Stanley Donwood

Radiohead have shared a new documentary short of Thom Yorke discussing the band’s album art with Stanley Donwood, who’s worked closely with the band on their covers and other visual elements throughout their career. The video arrives as a preview to a Christie’s auction that includes six of Donwood’s Kid A-era paintings. Watch it below. … Read more

Sex Education’s Hair & Makeup Artist Shares On-Set Secrets

The only thing juicier than the alien-meets-erotica Romeo and Juliet school play in Sex Education‘s season two finale is the entire season three, where students pass out vulva cupcakes and their hair and makeup is, in many cases, a bit . . . extraterrestrial. That’s, of course, the goal of the show’s beauty department — … Read more