Alabama Mom Accused by Walmart of Stealing $48 of Groceries Awarded $2.1Million

Meanwhile, a South Carolina mom who lost her leg after stepping on a rusty nail at Walmart was awarded $10M. A woman who was falsely accused of shoplifting $48 worth of groceries from Walmart has been awarded $2.1million. Lesleigh Nurse was shopping at the Semmes Walmart in Alabama with her husband and three children back … Read more

Jussie Smollett heads to trial, nearly 3 years after the former ‘Empire’ star was accused of hate crime hoax : entertainment

“At Smollett’s bond hearing, prosecutors alleged he had staged the attack because he was unhappy with how television studio for “Empire” had handled disclosure of a purported racist letter mailed to the actor that contained a white powder substance. Officials said the powder was determined to be from a crushed-up, over-the-counter pain reliever and that … Read more

Dr. Dre Cut Off Ties With Ex-Wife Nicole After She Accused Him Of Abuse, ‘I Did Not Know The Woman I Had Married’ : entertainment

It’s pretty much standard to make domestic abuse accusations during divorces nowadays. It’s a low risk, high return strategy. Automatically taints the accused even when people think he’s innocent and also puts huge pressure on them to just “settle” to avoid even more smearing and embarrassment. There’s basically no cost to it as most people … Read more

NFL Star Antonio Brown Accused Of Obtaining Fake Vaccine Card

NFL star Antonio Brown has been accused of obtaining a fake COVID-19 vaccination card so he could avoid NFL protocols. According to Los Angeles chef Steven Ruiz, he was sent a text message by Brown’s girlfriend Cydney Moreau on July 2nd that said Brown was willing to pay $500 if he could get a Johnson … Read more

Marilyn Manson Accused Of Locking Women In Soundproof Room To Punish Them!!

Rocker Marilyn Manson has been hit with fresh allegations that he locked women in a soundproof room to punish them. Rolling Stone posted a lengthy expose where they interviewed 55 people. Some spoke of the “the Bad Girls’ Room” that he allegedly used to torture women. Ashley Morgan Smithline said he forced her to stay … Read more

Audiotree Owner Accused Of Setting Up Hidden Cameras To Take Nude Photos

Michael Johnston, the owner of Chicago-based label Audiotree and venues Lincoln Hall and Schubas Tavern, has been accused of setting up hidden cameras in his Roscoe Village home to capture nude images of his children’s nanny. Johnston and his wife, Kelly Halverson, have been sued in a civil suit, according to NBC5.

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Sean Kingston Accused Of Punching Video Director In The Face & Pulling Gun On Him!!

A video director is alleging that Sean Kingston assaulted him and pulled a weapon on him. According to TMZ, GXDLIKE filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department. He said he’s been living at Kingston’s home and has been shooting videos for him. GXDLIKE says that things took a turn when Kingston asked … Read more