Taanakkaran Movie Review: A hard-hitting drama on how power can be misused

Title: Taanakkaran
Cast: Vikram Prabhu, Lal
Director: Tamizh
Rating: 3/5
Review by Bhavana Sharma

Taanakkaran, starring Vikram Prabhu skipped a theatrical release and is streaming on Hotstar from today. Here is its review. 

Aspiring to become a police officer, Arivazhagan aka Arivu (Vikram Prabhu) successfully manages to join Police Recruits School. Pretty soon, he realises that things he expected to be easy are challenging and tough. The school is controlled by Inspector Muthupandi (Madhusudhan Rao), and his valet Eeshwaramurthy (Lal). These two torture the new entrants in the name of parade training and when Arivu takes a stand against it, things start going wrong with him.

Director Tamizh has come up with a drama that is quite hard-hitting at the police system that is unforgiving and established by the British in Taanakkaran. How police camps work, and how they function is told in the best possible way and very much in a realistic manner. This makes the film quite interesting and appealing too. The recruits go through hell there and the emotions they portray while adjusting to the hell-like atmosphere of PRS shown well. Taanakkaran works mainly because of a unique setting. The new recruits over there are beaten and whacked even when requested for something or if asked a question. They are tested every day for their survival. 

It actually looks like directors of Tamil film industry are in a mood of making police-bashing movies. If you remember, it all started with movies like Visaaranai. It set a trend for making such films and recently, we have seen Jai Bhim, Ungal Nanbad, and a few others. These films explore how cops misuse their power over people from the weaker section of society. 

Around 350 trainees come to PSR and they get the shock of their life when they are told that there are only 6 toilets available there. And the cherry on the cake is when they are asked to report at the training camps by 5 am. When one of the seniors from the recruits complain, things get worse and the toilets are reduced to five. 


Arivu, being the most educated among all the trainees, choose not to stay calm with the atrocities happening there and decides to question the administration and the authorities of PSR. Every time he did, he used to get punished. Chellakannu (MS Bhaskar), the senior cop in a lower rank tries to help the trainees but nothing works when it comes to saving them from mentally and physically being tortured by Moorthy and Pandi. 

Vikram Prabhu got into the skin of the role and he has done an amazing job as Arivu. It has been a long time since we saw him and finally, seeing him a powerful and intense role makes his fans proud and happier. On the whole, this film is definitely worth a watch this weekend.


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