Swerve Collective Creations Reveal New ‘Swerve Miami Sampler ’22’ EP

Whether showcasing music from founder Sean Danielczyk (Seanyy), or other talented artists, Swerve Collective Creations is a collective of labels, and a recently-launched Swerve Radio station. Giving up-and-coming artists the chance to shine, Swerve Collective Creations has already been receiving buzz from the electronic dance music (EDM) community.

Dropping just in time for Miami Music Week 2022 and the start of festival season comes the release of a highly-anticipated new EP, the ‘Swerve Miami Sampler ‘22’. Aitor Hertz kicks things off with a thundering dance track title “Come With Me” boasting hypnotic vocal samples and an infectious groove. “Let Me Be” follows as Bonkr takes things a little deeper, with a blissful tune that seems like the perfect pair to a Miami pool party.

Djobo and Hedclem come together for their euphoric single “Thinking About You“, so reminiscent of the glory prog house days and still sounds fresh to the ears. It feels like an anthem through and through. Jake & Alvar wrap up the EP with “Don’t Tell Me – That You’re Leaving“, a progressive track that will elevate listeners from the start with its stunning melodies, propelling vocals, and goosebumps-inducing drops.

All in all, the ‘Swerve Miami Sampler ‘22’ EP is a fantastic collage of 4 songs from a slew of incredibly talented artists. Listen for yourself below!

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