‘Survivor’ Winners Parvata and Sandra Social Media Drama: Details

Survivor’s Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz Twine Shade One Another On Social Media - 935
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Drama off the island? Former Survivor winners Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz-Twine shaded one another on social media.

The feud began when Sandra, 48 responded to a Facebook post on a Survivor fan page asking why she won over Parvati, 40, back when the two competed on the Heroes Vs. Villains season, which aired in 2010. The two female competitors were finalists, alongside Russell Hantz, in the 20th season of the CBS competition series. Ultimately, the Connecticut native won over the jury and the Om the Otter author came in second place in a 6 to 3 vote.

“It’s simple. I was there! Because the jury hated both Russel and Parvati. 😂😂,” the army veteran responded on Sunday, January 8. “And while Russell and Parvati on several occasions laughed at JT’s letter, I ended up getting the last laugh and my 👑. And had it been Jerri [Manthey,] Parvati and Russell in the [final three]. Yes Jerri would have won. So under no circumstance would Parvati have ever WON Heroes Vs. Villains. Goodnight.💤 and Queen Stays Queen.”

After receiving replies from fans both praising and arguing her point of view, Sandra replied again to shed some insight on what it was like spending time with Parvati on the island.

“Good Morning! I see I’m still the topic of conversation on this beautiful Monday morning,” she wrote on Monday, January 9. “I got this Queen sweater from my Pearl Islands bestie Christa [Hastie.] Anyways for those that constantly defend me and show love. I appreciate you❤️. And for those Parvati lovers out there 😂 go spend 2 hours on survivor with her and see how much you like her then! She’s not that nice 💯. 👑 stays 👑.”

Parvati for her part, responded to Sandra’s comments via her Instagram Story later that day. “Call me anything, but please don’t call me nice,” she wrote on Monday. “Nice girls don’t win Survivor or build lives they love. @sassysdt you can keep my name in your mouth to stay relevant. I ain’t mad at ya & thanks for the compliment.”

Both players are well respected in the Survivor community and well-known for their strategic prowess. Sandra first played the CBS reality show in 2003 and went on to win the Pearl Islands season. Parvati, meanwhile, joined the reality series in 2006 and competed on the Cook Islands season, where she placed 6th and came back two years later to win Fans Vs. Favorites in Micronesia. In 2010, both reality stars competed against one another on season 20, with Sandra taking home the win for the second time, becoming the game’s first ever two-time champion. The yoga instructor, for her part, finished as the runner-up.

In 2020, the duo made their return to the competition series for the all-winners season, Winners At War. Both contestants were eliminated early on but Parvati ended up becoming a jury member while Sandra chose to exit the game after not wanting to participate in the “Edge of Extinction” twist.

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