Subtle hints that say your ex wants to get back together

When certain relationships come to an untimely end, they make us sad instead of letting us breathe the sigh of relief. This is when you know that your partner was good for you, and you built a healthy relationship together; but elements such as wrong timing, a poor state of mental health, or even distance got between the two of you leading to break up. In such cases, you’re probably hoping to get back together with your ex-lover. In case you’re in touch with him or her watch out for these signs that tell you, your ex wants to start over with you.

ex wants to get back together

  1. You find it hard to disconnect from them for they are constantly calling or texting you. They want to stay friends right after you break up and are unable to let go.
  2. They find it hard to stomach the presence of a male friend or a female friend in your life because they feel as if they are getting replaced and they want all of your attention. Look out for irrational overprotectiveness, as this is a big indicator that they want to get together again.
  3. They fabricate excuses to get close to you. This can be a fictitious college project or even a fake work project that they sudden need help with. Even simple excuses such as having left something of theirs behind at your place that they come to retrieve can be a red flag.
  4. While you may be trying to push back the memories of your time spent together, they may constantly bring them up, eager to remind you of the good old days in the hopes that you might want to reconcile.
  5. In case they made some mistakes which caused you to break up with them in the first place, a person who might want to get back together would probably tell you how they have changed. Or perhaps they are listing the things that they would do differently if you gave them another chance.

ex wishes to get back together

If you have noticed your ex exhibiting any of the aforementioned behaviors, you should suspect that they may be overjoyed should you suggest getting back together.

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