Studio Ramsay Global Opens In Glasgow – Deadline

Gordon Ramsay’s Studio Ramsay Global (SRG) has opened its third hub in Glasgow from which it will produce a second series of BBC One format Future Food Stars.

The Fox-backed outfit has already appointed its first researcher, who will start in March, and is openly recruiting for local production execs, development execs and producers to work on Future Food Stars, which has been recommissioned before its first series has aired. Future Food Stars is an Apprentice-style food and drink format in which Ramsay travels the country meeting food entrepreneurs.

SRG already has hubs in London and LA and the move into an area where UK broadcasters are expanding signals further growth intentions.

Last year, the celebrity chef and broadcaster struck a deal with long-time collaborator Fox Entertainment that saw Fox fund the acquisition of 100% of Ramsay’s Studio Ramsay business from global production house All3Media.

Ramsay, who was born in Scotland, said the move to Glasgow is a “dream come true.”

“There is so much opportunity to do develop some fantastic new program ideas with a great new team in this super creative city, myself and the team are excited to move in and get going,” he added.

A number of BBC shows could start moving to Glasgow in the coming years as the Kelvin Hall facility, which is operated by BBC Studioworks, gets set to open later this year. Channel 4, meanwhile, also has a small hub in Glasgow.

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