Stefan Cooke Enters the Metaverse With a Collection for The Sims

Turning the IRL into the URL came with design challenges. The Stefan Cooke team met with designers at The Sims bi-weekly for almost a year, fine-tuning the details and hand-painting textures so that their crochet sweaters and miniskirts look as true to life as possible. When Cooke and Burt showed up at an early meeting with ideas for show stopping, over-the-top looks, they were surprised to find that The Sims players want “wearable” garments—yes, even for their virtual selves. “We picked the craziest stuff because we thought players would want to wear showpieces,” begins Burt, “but hearing that Sims players could have hold-ups about wearing something too dramatic in the game, I realized that mindset of our physical customers applies to the game too. People want to feel comfortable and like themselves.”

The expanded reach of The Sims—the game boasts 30 million players—will bring awareness to the young designers and their work, but the partnership isn’t just a marketing exercise. To Cooke and Burt it’s a way to connect with a new generation of fashion lovers and customers. “Seeing a customer engaging with the brand and wearing the brand who maybe couldn’t afford it before; I think that’s really exciting,” says Burt. 

“I think this is where fashion is going, really,” picks up Cooke. “Customers are everywhere, you just have to make sure that you’re appealing to as many different ones as possible. I hope that the future will be full of cool 13-year olds in Stefan Cooke!”

Stefan Cooke’s modern menswear pack for The Sims launches worldwide on December 2.

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