Sound Of Ceres – “Sunray Venus”

Back in March, Sound Of Ceres announced a new album called Emerald Sea, featuring narration from none other than Marina Abramović. At the time, they also shared a new song called “Arm Of Golden Flame.” Today, they’re back with another.

Sound Of Ceres’ latest is called “Sunray Venus.” “A song of nascent mind’s curiosity,” Ryan Hover said in a statement. “Venus Caelestis, the morning star, has left the cradle of the void to climb sea-crags and delve in grottos for the flame spied from afar, a flicker beneath the waves, the deep wish of the unknown to be known.”

“Sunray Venus” also comes with a video directed by Matthew Maddox. “Listening to the song and speaking with K and Ryan, an image of a visitor to this planet popped into my mind,” Maddox said. “I wanted to capture the mystery and child-like wonder of what it would be like to explore a new world for the first time.” Check it out below.

Emerald Sea is out 6/17 via Joyful Noise Recordings. Pre-order it here.

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