Soulja Boy Threatens Rapper Trouble Over Young Dolph Tweet: You Could Be Next!!

Soulja Boy threatened rapper Trouble after he posted a tweet about his new single.

“I like da lil silly sh*t soulja Be doin time to time, its entertainment, I get it. Dont Be no puss azz n*gga an drop no song kalled “stretch sump” da next dayy as if u got active in my dawg losin his life dou! 😒 Das ho sh*t luh Bruh @souljaboy an u kno wuzzam wit me.”

Soulja responded: “That song been out but what u wanna do n*gga? U sound touch as hell on the internet f*ck u talking about n*gga,” he tweeted. “Police ass n*gga @TroubleDTE.”

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