“Sombré” Hair-Color Technique: What to Know

  • The “sombré” hair-color trend is a dye technique rather than a specific color.
  • The name combines “soft” and “ombré,” and it can be done on brunette, blond, or red hair.
  • The sombré look blends the hair color from the root to the ends.

Selecting a new hair color is no easy task — especially if you’re someone who likes to mix things up with the seasons. While there are more than a handful of fun, new hair-color trends out there right now — such as “winter gold” and “hair frosting” — sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics, like with “sombré” hair.

Similar to balayage and ombré, sombré hair — aka “soft ombré” — is more about the coloring technique than the shade itself. “Sombré can be done with all sorts of colors,” celebrity hairstylist and Dove Hair ambassador Jennifer Yepez tells POPSUGAR. “You will see a softer change of color in the hair instead of the typical dark root into blond,” which you see with traditional ombré. You can get the sombré look in blond, brunette, purple, and red hair, to name just a few of the possibilities.

Sombré vs. Ombré Hair: What’s the Difference?

Sombré and ombré hair-coloring techniques are similar, but there’s a key difference, and it has everything to do with the blend. “With ombré hair, you see a more noticeable contrast between darker roots and lighter ends compared to sombré, where the color is distributed more evenly beginning from the roots down to the ends,” Yepez says.

How to Get the Sombré Hair Color

Because the sombré look requires skill to achieve, this is one trend that’s best left to the pros. When you head to the salon, though, the first thing your colorist will want to do is establish your base. Do you want to go blond? Brunette? Copper? Once you determine your starting point, you’ll want to look for some reference material.

“I always suggest bringing a reference to show your stylist no matter what look you’re going for,” Yepez says. “Everyone has a different take on the style, so providing a visual will help you get the exact result you want.”

How to Maintain Sombré Hair at Home

Yepez has this word of advice for you: “The better you care for your hair, the better the sombré style will look.” As with any sort of permanent hair color, you run the risk of breakage if the process isn’t done properly and/or you don’t take care of your hair post-treatment.

“The level of maintenance also depends on your current hair color and the color you want,” she says. “For example, dying naturally dark hair platinum blond will require more upkeep than dying brown hair blond.”

Maintaining hair health, especially if you dye it, starts with the right shampoo. “I love the Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner duo ($7) because it’s affordable and has keratin to help repair hair.”

You’ll also want to be extra cautious when heat-styling your hair. “Coloring your hair in a sombré or ombré style can cause more damage to your ends because you are processing that part of the hair more than the hair on your scalp,” Yepez says. Before putting any heat on your hair, use a heat protectant, like the Redken All Soft Moisture Restore Leave-In Treatment With Hyaluronic Acid ($29) or the Ceremonia Guava Rescue Spray ($22).

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