Sneaker News Collector Club SNKR FRENS Presale + Mint Info

Leveraging Web3 to build a fun, inclusive sneaker community, the Sneaker News Collector Club establishes an entire ecosystem made up of three core parts: the SNCC Membership Card, SNKR FRENS, and BRICKS, all of which coalesce to create an entirely new Sneaker News experience.

The Sneaker News Collector Club Membership Card is the key to not only SNKR FRENS but future utility as well. And if you took the first step and minted your own, you’ve been granted access to the SNKR FRENS presale, which will go live from today to Friday (April 27th, 2PM ET to April 29th, 11AM ET). Every individual membership card will allow you to mint one SNKR FRENS at .08 ETH.

To ensure the presale’s exclusivity, sales of the Membership Card will be locked from 2PM ET onward. There’s still a little bit of time to grab your own card, so if you’d like to mint during the presale, head over to OpenSea.

SNKR FRENS – Presale
April 27th, 2PM ET to April 29th, 11AM ET
Mint Price: .08 ETH

Make sure to follow @kicksfinder for live tweets during the release date.

Where to Buy

For the uninitiated, SNKR FRENS is the Sneaker News Collector Club’s Genesis NFT collection, which draws inspiration from decades upon decades of iconic sneakers. Minting for .08 ETH, the project features 10,000 different NFTs, each generated from layers of colored leathers, textures, patterns, and accessories to create something entirely unique. They will come in seven editions of rarities: Solid, Texture, Multi, See-Thru, Glowing, 1/1, and F&F.

With both the Membership Card and SNKR FRENS NFT, you open the doors to BRICKS, a companion NFT that gives you the opportunity to earn real world awards. When you hold a minimum of one card and one SNKR FREN, you earn 1 BRICK every 30 days of Season 1. Once you’ve accumulated enough BRICKS, you can exchange them through our newly-established Web3 SN Insider Portal, which will soon feature our very first collaborative drop with Herschel Supply. Down the road, you can expect even more exciting drops, from apparel to sneakers.

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