Slaughter Beach, Dog Collaborate With Trace Mountains and Anika Pyle on New Song ‘Just Like Me’

Ahead of their upcoming tour, Philadelphia’s Slaughter Beach, Dog have shared a new collaborative track, ‘Just Like Me’, which features two tourmates, Trace Mountains and Anika Pyle. Check it out below.

Slaughter Beach, Dog’s Jake Ewald said of the collaboration:

Every few years I get curious about writing songs for other people. Sometime before the pandemic, in response to a writing prompt from our publisher, I wrote the first verse and chorus of “Just Like Me”. I remember piecing the words together while vacuuming corn chips out of the van after a tour, and I liked how disarming the first line felt. I forgot about the song until last year, getting ready for our first shows back. I woke up on the studio couch one morning before band practice and quickly jotted down a second verse and chorus, then filed it away again.

A few months ago, Anika Pyle called me and suggested that she, Dave Benton (of Trace Mountains) and I should work on something collaborative to coincide with our tour. We all jumped at the idea – I sent ove rmy unfinished demo of ‘Just Like Me’, Dave replied with a melody and a chord progression for a bridge, and pretty soon Anika and I were hunched over our notepads at the Metal Shop fleshing out the rest of the lyrics.

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