Skullcrusher Covers the Hated’s ‘Words Come Back’

Skullcrusher has shared a cover of the Hated’s 1985 early emo classic ‘Words Come Back’ (via Numero Group). Listen to it along with the original below.

“I was immediately drawn to the lyrics of ‘Words Come Back’ and loved that it sounds so different from anything I’ve ever made,” Helen Ballentine said of the track, which she recorded at home with Ben Weinman. “I wanted to try capturing the intensity of the song in a different way.” She added, “This is my way of making a punk song, ignoring structure and letting everything just pour out—though quite a bit quieter.”

Skullcrusher released her debut album, Quiet the Room, last year via Secretly Canadian. Check out our Artist Spotlight interview with Skullcrusher.

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