Skeleton Makeup Ideas For Halloween

Forget the full costume — there’s nothing cooler than showing off a bone-chilling makeup look on Halloween. If you’re a beauty buff, you know that the options are endless when it comes to Halloween makeup, but you also know that one look reigns as the coolest every year: the skeleton.

Whether you are a true horror fan, are a lover of special-effects makeup, or just like to flex your makeup skills whenever your get the chance, there’s no denying that skeleton makeup pushes the envelope on your creativity, and just looks plain good. From dressing up a sexy Halloween costume to being the finishing touch that will scare everyone who comes within 10 feet of you at a Halloween party, skeleton makeup is one of the most versatile makeup looks out there.

Creating the look of a skull on your face is easier than you might think, and the options are endless when it comes to styles, colors, and overall looks. By utilizing extreme contouring and shadowing, your favorite makeup products can be used to create an incredibly lifelike skeleton costume. If you need some inspiration this year, take a look at the most stunning skeleton faces we’ve seen on Instagram — each is totally gorgeous and totally terrifying in its own way.

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano

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