Sis Shares New Song “Wooie”: Listen

Next year, singer/songwriter and genre experimentalist Sis — aka Jenny Gillespie Mason — will release her new EP, Gnani. We’ve already heard “Double Rapture,” and today Sis is back with a new single and video: “Wooie.”

Here’s what Mason had to say about “Wooie,” whose animated video comes courtesy of Danski Tang.

“Wooie,” the place where I wanted to reach to, when the confused, wizened reality of 2021 around me was sinking in more and more, some kind of invented city where Edenic stirrings met communal life. Seeking out the “woo” in astrology, tarot, Jungian dream analysis, the writings of Rudolf Steiner — what to others may seem like escapist jibber-jabber, but to me gave me a sense of magic and a horizon and depth. And oh, that beat I’d made on Ableton Push — I just had to have it throughout, urging me onward to that funky true place—and I just had to have Brijean play congas on it—and she did!

She added of the video:

I was so grateful that my friend Alexander Stewart who is a professor of animation at CalArts introduced me to his former student Danski Tang to animate the video for “Wooie.” She is a new genius on the animation horizon in the tradition of Miyazaki, the Hubleys, and all the beautiful weirdos before her. Danski was able through her indelible art to plumb the depths of the feminine wilds of my psyche, teasing out the song’s primordial origins while delicately discovering its mystical strivings as well. I would love to have a still frame of each and every second of this video to hang all over my walls at home!

Check out “Wooie” below.

Gnani is out 1/7 via Native Cat Recordings.

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