Simu Liu “Saddened, Angered” By Shooting at Lunar New Year Celebration

However, Simu isn’t the only celebrity to speak out, as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Crystal Kung Minkoff took to Instagram to express her sadness.

“I had planned to share a Happy New Year message today, but instead woke up to the news from Monterey Park, my second home,” she wrote Jan. 22 with a photograph detailing a news reporting of the shooting. “A community of almost 70% Asian; it had always been considered a safe haven for my grandparents and thousands of Chinese immigrants looking for a place to belong. We are grieving, aching, and processing with you all.”

She concluded, “We are holding space for all who have been affected by this tragic loss of life, both near and far. When our community hurts, we all hurt.”

Monterey Park Mayor Henry Lo told NBC News that the gunman may have been targeting his ex-wife at the dance hall. “My understanding is that he may have come because his ex-wife was reveling, celebrating the Lunar New Year,” he said, “and it sounded like there was a history of domestic violence, which is unfortunate.”

A vigil is planned for Tuesday, Jan. 24 in the city.

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