Shawn Mendes Says He Still Loves Ex Camila Cabello

There are three universal truths in this world: water is wet, the sky is blue, and Shawn Mendes loves Camila Cabello. In an On Air with Ryan Seacrest interview yesterday, the singer discussed everything from his current feelings about his ex-girlfriend to a potential opportunity to share the stage with her at iHeartRadio’s upcoming Wango Tango concert in California.

Months after their November split, Shawn admitted, “[We’re] so friendly. I mean, I loved Camila first for so many years and that’s never gonna change.” He added that his new song “When You’re Gone” was only written a month after their breakup, and it helped Shawn’s healing process during the difficult time. Aaaaaand cue the waterworks.

“I think it’s really just the processing and the complexities of that—the complexities of knowing something is better and still wanting to hold on and all the reasons why…I’m really glad to be able to just be real and authentic with my music because it’s cathartic for me, too, to be able to write about these things,” Shawn told Ryan.

He continued: “I think most people have that fear [of breaking up], but in a lot of ways, I think [it] can be a blessing, too, because it can really show you that you are [strong], which is necessary.”

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In a separate interview with Extra correspondent Katie Krause in March 2022, Shawn admitted his new song was inspired by none other than Camila: “Having all the memories of things that happened and all the memories of so many amazing things….I was writing about that.”

The songwriter also revealed he confided in his ex before the song debuted to give her a heads up, telling E! News correspondent Erin Lim during an episode of Daily Pop that “Camila heard this song months ago, so we have a really honest relationship. I would never really put a song out about her before she would hear it.”

camila cabello and shawn mendes cuddled up at an awards show together

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FWIW, this is all pretty amazing considering the two are confirmed to be performing at iHeartRadio’s KIIS FM Wango Tango on June 4 at Dignity Health Sports Park in Los Angeles. When asked about whether there’s a chance they’d potentially share the stage, Shawn had one thing to say: “I wouldn’t be surprised.” BRB, blasting “Señorita” until we know for sure.

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