Selena Gomez Gets “Antsy” In First Hosting Gig – Deadline

Hosting Saturday Night Live is one of the biggest challenges in television. This week, Selena Gomez dons the hosting crown for the first time, joined by musical guest Post Malone.

To set the stage, she was joined in the promos by Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang, along with Malone.

The first promo dealt with who did what. Bryant marveled at how there were “two pop stars and two comedy actors!”


“I’m actually also an actor,” Gomez reminded her.

“And I’m not really a pop star,” Malone said.

Yang prefers “drama,” of course.

“Oh, OK, well I didn’t know you all were a bunch of divas!” Bryant said.

In the second bit, everyone accused Gomez of having “ants in the pants.” It would be strange if she didn’t, considered her pants were left out with jelly smears.

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