Second Life Podcast: Dana Ward

There’s nothing quite like a good self-care spa day, from massages and meditation to facials and pedicures. Dana Ward, the founder and president of Barefoot Scientist, has mastered the art of self-care and pampering through premium footcare solutions. With the mission to provide the highest-quality products to help nourish, freshen, and revive your feet, Ward set out on a journey to inspire people to treat their feet in the same specialized way that they care for their face, hair, and body—ultimately, integrating that spa-day feeling into the everyday.

After years of extensive research and thorough studies on the foot’s needs, Ward created a brand that fused advanced, dynamic ingredient formulation with simplicity and efficiency, setting a new standard in footcare. Ward oversees everything from branding and marketing to product development, and within a year of launching direct-to-consumer in 2019, Barefoot Scientist expanded into over 1000 Ulta Beauty stores and 2400 Rite Aid locations. Her innovative footcare products like PreHeels+ Blister Prevention Spray and Reboot Exfoliating Foot Peel have garnered the attention of thousands, and today, Barefoot Scientist is sold in major retailers like Anthropologie as well as boutique spas, wellness centers, and podiatry offices.

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