Saying grace: How a moment of thanks, religious or not, adds meaning to our meals

Saufferer, a 25-year-old public-relations manager in Seattle who attends a nondenominational Christian church, usually says a short, traditional grace when dining with her immediate family: “Come Lord Jesus, be our guest, and may these gifts to us be blessed,” which is a variation on a common Christian prayer thought to have Lutheran roots. Other relatives say their own graces in their homes, too. But she says adding the game when they all get together for meals creates a special feeling of togetherness, which they haven’t been able to enjoy in the last year and half, when the pandemic has made big gatherings impossible. “I’m excited to get back to family,” she says of the upcoming holiday celebrations. “And no matter what, there are small blessings and gifts that we can turn to, and [saying grace] helps us get our mind and hearts ready.”

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