‘Rust’ Stunt Coordinator Was Subject of Safety Complaint for Earlier Film : entertainment

“Young alleges that while positioned off-camera, he was repeatedly hit in the face with small shrapnel and gunpowder debris.”

“In the incident involving gunpowder debris, Young said that he was placed off to the side in order to serve as a “target,” or sightline, for another performer.”

I just looked up the current rules set by The Alliance Of Motion Pictures and Television Producers.

Someone certified for the weapon in use be present at all times.

Firearms must be checked before and after each take.

Firearms must be cleaned daily.

Firearms must be stored securely by the props master when not in use.

Loaded guns must never be pointed at anyone.

Protective clothing must be worn by everyone nearby when blanks are fired.

If firearms are to be fired directly at the camera, a plexiglass shield must be erected.

Only the person certified for the weapon or someone under their direct supervision may hand a weapon to an actor.

The truisim still stands, Safety rules are written in blood… Tragic that no one on that site understood this. :/

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