Rolex’s Biggest Releases of 2023 Are…

The revamped Daytona will steal headlines but the watches I’m gravitating towards initially are these golden versions of the GMT-Master II. The leader in the clubhouse of Watch I’d Sell My Soul For is the full-gold GMT. While the GMT usually sports a bright two-tone bezel in famous configurations like the red-and-blue Pepsi or blue-and-black Batman, this new model takes a subtler approach. The bezel is still two toned but pairs black with… less black. One new version comes on a “Rolesor” bracelet—meaning a combination of gold and steel—and the other is made entirely out of gold. 

The GMT was invented as a sporty watch for Pan-Am crews in the ‘50s but this a very upgraded take on that original model. While that watch was built for commercial flying, this is a GMT designed for the PJ. 

The most fun Day-Dates ever made 

Judging by the standards of most watch brands, the new lineup of Day-Dates is pretty out there. By Rolex’s standards, they are completely off the wall. We’ve rarely ever seen anything from the Crown like its new jigsaw Day-Date. The watch’s dial, which comes in light blue and mandarin orange, features an image of a jigsaw puzzle and the hour markers are made out of a Haribo-pack of baguette diamonds. 

This is a watch that completely embraces our current new-age wellness era. The Day-Date typically uses the window at top to display the day of the week and the aperture at 3 o’clock to show the date but who needs to be on time for appointments when you have this watch? The new Day-Date coasts entirely on vibes. Really good ones: the day window now rotates between affirmative words like “Happy,” “Eternity,” “Gratitude,” “Peace,” “Faith,” “Love,” and “Hope.” The date window also shows a new emoji, like a heart, every day. Isn’t that sweet? 

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