Rockmond Dunbar Exits 9-1-1 Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

9-1-1 fans are saying farewell to Michael Grant. 

On Nov. 15, Rockmond Dunbar made his final appearance as a series regular on FOX’s 9-1-1His unprecedented departure from the firefighter drama follows the show’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Deadline reports that Dunbar is not an anti-vaxxer and had requested both religious and medical exemptions from the mandate, which were denied. 

Dunbar released a statement on Nov. 16 explaining his reasons for leaving the show. “I applied for religious and medical accommodations pursuant to the law and unfortunately was denied by my employer,” he said. “My sincerely held beliefs and private medical history are very intimate and personal aspects of my life that I do not publicly discuss and have no desire to start now.” 

Dunbar continued, “I’ve been an actor in this business for 30 years, but my greatest roles are as a husband and father to our four small children. As a man that walks in faith, I look forward to what the future holds.”

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