Rivers Cuomo Targets Spotify Defectors With App That Only Streams Weezer Demos

As some artists move to pull their music off Spotify in response to the streaming service’s relationship with Joe Rogan’s podcast, Weezer have come up with a new plan to target defectors. Over the weekend, Rivers Cuomo launched an app called Weezify, which is a self-described “Spotify-like player for all of Rivers Cuomo’s demos.” Per its official description, Cuomo says he made the app himself and that it took him all of 2021 to do it.

The app contains 12 different bundles of Cuomo demos, totaling 3236 in all. Those include collaborations with the California band Ozma made from 2012-2014, demos made by Cuomo and bandmate Patrick Wilson that span 1991-2012, and a whole series of demo bundles subtitled Alone from various points in Weezer’s career, including “before Weezer” demos spanning between 1976 (when Cuomo was six years old) and 1992. Each bundle costs $9 and they can all be played through the app. Listeners can also make playlists.

“Tired of Spotify? Come on over to Weezify,” Cuomo wrote in the tweet announcing the project. The Weezer catalog is still available to stream on Spotify.

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