Rihanna’s Maternity Style Is Here and It’s Fabulous

Everything Rihanna and ASAP Rocky do is fashionable, but the power couple upped the ante with their pregnancy reveal this morning. The power couple confirmed that they’re expecting their first child by releasing a series of images shot by celebrity photographer Miles Diggs. The pictures, taken beneath Manhattan’s Williamsburg bridge, showcase Rihanna’s growing baby bump and the pair’s enviable style. With ASAP looking cool in baggy leather pants, a Carhartt jean jacket, plus a hoodie sweater, and Rihanna sporting a long pink puffer from Karl Lagerfeld’s fall 1996 collection for Chanel, unbuttoned to reveal her bump, and layers of bejeweled chains, they made the whole new parents thing look cool.

Of course, Rihanna has been covertly offering glimpses of her maternity style for the past week. While out and about in Manhattan, she relied on oversized outerwear and statement accessories to conceal the news until she was ready to share it with fans. Whether she was popping into Sephora to surprise Fenty fans in a bright orange Bottega Veneta shearling, or heading out to dinner in a Martine Rose windbreaker and Prada fur stole worn with a marabou feather trim Saint Laurent skirt, she’s kept her fashions colorful and unexpected. The better to distract from her bump and keep the internet guessing.

Now that the news is out, Rihanna isn’t holding back, and her bold midriff display is entirely in line with her fearless take on fashion. Never afraid to show a little skin, it’s unlikely that Rihanna will hide beneath baggy sweaters or shapeless silhouettes. In the latest photos, she’s glowing and decked out in jewels; we can expect her to carry that energy for the rest of her pregnancy.

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