Rick Ross Is No Longer Drinking Eight Root Beers a Day

How many hours of sleep do you typically get a night?

 If I get six hours? Man, that is a blessing, I’m great. If I only slept four or five hours but get a nap in, that’s a great day. There’s no complaints. There’s no “I’m tired, I’m weak, or I’m drained.” That’s not even in our vocabulary.

One of your favorite lines of mine is “Never feed it after dark, gotta treat it like a Gremlin.” I’m personally a fan of circadian rhythm eating so that resonates with me eating-wise—I typically don’t eat late after the sun goes down. So let’s talk about your diet a little bit. What’s your style? You still have a personal chef?

Of course, I’m always going to have a personal chef

All right, say no more—give me the meal breakdown then.

When I get up in the morning, I’m gonna get a shake going. Then I may get me one of those fruit bowls and all that, but I’m not really heavy on the breakfast. After 11, 12 o’clock, I’m on go. I’m ready to eat, you know what I mean? So let’s say turkey tacos during the day, boom! Then you know I love some fish but when I eat something dead I eat something alive. So when I eat meat I need some greens, I need them enzymes from them green plants that be breaking down what’s going on. It sounds like I know what I’m talking about it, don’t it? [laughs].

Plant Based Gang baby, gotta have them veggies, I dig it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah! You gotta have them veggies. I keep mixing it up, gotta rotate it. Can’t keep eating the same things. So I got a few chefs that I rotate.

Alright, so I gotta ask, because it’s classic. With the timeless Westwood interview** you put pears on the map, so I want to know what your favorite healthy foods are. And do you still have that morning cup of wine, you still on that Luc Belaire?**

I’m still drinking that Belaire in the morning. I’m up, I’m moving. By the time everybody sees me on my IG Story I’m on my fifth biz call for the day. And I have the fruits in the fridge without a doubt. Most definitely the pears and shit like that. The salads, love the salads.

Any food you’ve given up that you miss?

Ah man! It was a lot of shit I had to give up. I gave up pork. But not my favorite, chicken wings—of course that is the WingStop. But I try my best to have it air fried, have it baked. But I don’t even look at it as a diet. It is a lifestyle. Diets are temporary. You gotta make it your lifestyle, so it’s gotta be something you actually enjoy.

Real quick: Let me know a couple of the biggest lessons you’ve got from the industry, both good and bad. I know Master P was speaking a lot of game to you. You’ve been close to Hov. So what are some of the biggest lessons you’ve got in the industry that anybody can apply?

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