RHOA’s Falynn Pina Shares First Picture of Baby Daughter Emma

After the birth of their daughter, Jaylan took a moment to sing Falynn’s praises too. “Falynn did such an amazing job,” Jaylan told E! News in November. “She’s literally Superwoman. Emma is beautiful and perfectly healthy.”

Earlier this month, Falynn took to Instagram to share how Jaylan has fully embraced the role of being both a new dad and caring fiancé. 

“This man really knows how to warm my heart. Emma had an upset tummy last night and for you parents out there, you know this can be brutal,” she wrote. “Let’s just say I didn’t get but an hour of sleep. My fiancé woke up this morning, took Emma from me, cleaned the house, and woke me (hours later lol) with breakfast in bed, flowers, and a card with a special surprise inside that had me cracking up bc it did not need no expiration date!”

She continued, “I woke up with breakfast, a clean house and a laugh with my best friend. Life couldn’t get any better.”

But the heartfelt surprises from Jaylan haven’t stopped. On Dec. 11, Falynn posted again on Instagram to reveal the “push gift” Jaylan got her after she gave birth to their daughter: a 2022 Range Rover. 

“OMG OMG!!! I know they say Scorpios do it best but my fiancé is truly full of surprises!” she wrote. “I’ve never received a push gift before but I definitely DID NOT expect this. Though I absolutely love my gift, I love having you as my husband-to-be even more.”

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