Reviewed: Make Up For Ever’s Artist Color Pencil

The inspiration behind the pencil: “The inspiration goes back to who we are as a brand. The pencil was designed with the pro artist in mind by creating a color product that was compact enough to fit in the most minimized makeup kit and could do more than just one task. Because of this mindset, when developing the product, it became a huge sensation for everyone, not just pro artists, because at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to purchase one product that can do more than just one thing?”

Who was it created for: “While the pro artist was the inspiration, it was created for everyone! It takes the fear out of using color on any part of the face because of its simplicity and how user-friendly it is.”

What makes it unique: “The pencil is a matte formula that comes in an assortment of highly pigmented colors. While it works like a traditional pencil, there’s nothing traditional about the formula. The versatility it provides because of its matte finish is comparable to no other pencil. It wears well, can be blended without losing color intensity, and doesn’t fade due to the coated pigments used in the formula, making this pencil one of the most successful hero products at Make Up For Ever.”

What shade to try: “Versatile Chestnut is the ultimate desert island pencil to have. It’s the perfect warm brown shade that can be used in so many ways. It can be used as a lip liner, lip color, blush, etc. Plus, it works on almost all skin tones!”

Under-the-radar application tips: “A great tip that many people might not know is using the pencil in a shade like Total Taupe, Limitless Brown, or Dimensional Dark Brown for a quick contour application. It’s much easier to use the pencil for proper placement and then blend it out after with your fingers. Another great tip is to use shades like Wherever Walnut, Full Scale Rust, or Free Burgundy as blush.”

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