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Time and time again, the seven members of K-pop phenomenon BTS prove that they’re not only chart-toppers, record-breakers, and boundary-pushers—but also veritable style icons.

They’ve been the most popular music group in the world for several years running, which comes as no surprise to their loyal fans (aka ARMYs). Their songs are both catchy and consciously crafted; their choreography is complex and tightly executed; their personalities are warm and without pretense. On top of that, their style choices—pulling from legacy designers, international streetwear labels, and of course their own routinely sold-out BTS merch—consistently prove that they’re a hot commodity in terms of fashion, as well.

However, compiling a list of the best BTS designer looks is no easy feat. For starters, there are hundreds of styles to choose from in their 8+ years in the spotlight. Plus, each member has a unique fashion sense of his own: there’s RM’s dualism between clean silhouettes and loose designer sweats, Jin’s love of the color pink and his no-frills tendency to throw on whatever he sees in his closet first, Suga’s affinity for beanies and understated designer streetwear, J-Hope’s colorful collection of bucket hats and crossbody bags, V’s preference for mature neutrals and slacks, Jimin’s rotation of slim-fit pants and gothic hoop earrings, and Jungkook’s oversized all-black ensembles.

While dozens of iconic outfits came to mind, we narrowed down our list of the best BTS fashion moments to seven designer looks—paying homage to the band’s seven members, of course. Our top picks not only represent their favorite brands and style experimentation over the years, but also the fact that their fashion choices know no bounds when it comes to gender, color, texture, or fit. Better yet, we made it easy to shop items inspired and worn by your bias (favorite member) to flex some Bangtan style of your very own.

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