‘Punky Brewster’ Star Soleil Moon Frye Scores $40K Per Month In Support After Settling Divorce With Husband. : entertainment

They also came to the agreement that neither parent would “substantially alter the children’s appearance without the written consent of the other” and the list includes, “tattoos, piercings, radical haircuts, dyed hair, or cosmetic surgery.”

In their divorce settlement, the two agreed that “prior to introducing any romantic partner (a person either parent is dating, having a sexual relationship with, or a non-platonic relationship with) to The Children, that parent shall advise the other parent of their intention, the name of the person, and when that parent intends to introduce The Children to their romantic partner.”

Damn…with stuff like this I’m assuming the lawyers are cashing in big time with their hourly fees. Still these are solid thing for both parties to agree on.

I would have fought harder for the dog though.

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