Post Covid First Teaser: Watch

Paramount+ has dropped a first look at what fans can expect from South Park: Post Covid. Watch the teaser below.

The special, which is set to premiere Thanksgiving Day (November 25th) on the rebranded streaming service, finds the motley crew of South Park kids all grown up and navigating a post-pandemic world with their trademark insults and rude humor.

After a montage of a few of the series’ crassest clips, the action picks up with an adult (and bearded!) Kyle phoning a graying Stan. “You remember when we were little? Us friends always said we’d be there for each other when things got bad,” Kyle reminds his friend, who responds with an ominous, “What do you mean? What’s happened?”

South Park: Post Covid is the first in the series of longform South Park specials that came out of creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s recent $900 million deal with ViacomCBS. Overall, 14 hour-long South Park movies are expected to roll out over the next seven years.

The duo opened up in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter last month about the plan, calling the specials ambitious but “not quite movie scale” and revealing they’ve also committed to six more seasons of the adult cartoon for Comedy Central.

Additionally, Parker and Stone recently finalized the purchase of Casa Bonita, the Colorado Mexican restaurant famously featured in the Season 7 episode named after the eatery, which has since become an integral part of South Park canon.

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