Paul Oakenfold is bringing his legendary performance into the metaverse with “Perfectoverse”

Paul Oakenfold has a legendary history of performing at some of the most incredible venues in the world, including Stonehenge (the first ever to perform there), the base camp at Mount Everest, and the Great Wall of China. Now, he’s primed to move into the digital space as he takes hold in the metaverse for a career-first project, Perfectoverse.

The 72-minute set will feature an immersive and grand audio/visual experience in Paul’s own corner of the metaverse, with creative visuals and an all-new set from the dance music trailblazer.

Tickets are on sale now for the performance on December 22. Get your tickets here and check out the clip below for an idea of what to expect. We’ll have plenty more from Paul and Perfectoverse as we get closer to the main event in a couple of months.

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