Paul Dano Couldn’t Sleep As The Riddler In The Batman

“My head was just throbbing with heat.”

The Batman — yes, the one starring Robert Pattinson — is already one of the most anticipated movies of the year.

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Along with Pattinson, Paul Dano (who you might remember from There Will Be Blood) plays one of Batman’s nemeses, The Riddler.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dano revealed that playing the Riddler was so intense that he ended up losing sleep while immersed in the role.

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“There were some nights around that I probably didn’t sleep as well as I would’ve wanted to just because it was a little hard to come down from this character,” he explained.

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“It takes a lot of energy to get there. And so you almost have to sustain it once you’re there because going up and down is kind of hard.”

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Dano says that part of the reason he had trouble sleeping was because he’d wrap himself in plastic wrap to get into character — since The Riddler doesn’t like leaving DNA at crime scenes.

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“My head was just throbbing with heat,” Paul remembered. “I went home that night, after the first full day in that, and I almost couldn’t sleep because I was scared of what was happening to my head.”

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“It was like compressed from the sweat and the heat and the lack of oxygen. It was a crazy feeling.”

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Read the whole interview here. The Batman hits theaters on March 4.

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