Paris Hilton Delights Simple Life Fans With Nicole Richie Post

However, the socialite doesn’t know if viewers will see her and Richie singing “sanasa” on their screens anytime soon. “It’s a different time right now,” Hilton shared with Too Fab in 2019 on the idea of a Simple Life reboot.

“I think that show is so, the first of its kind, so timeless, so iconic and so…I don’t know if it could ever be remade,” she explained. “Yes of course it was fun doing that and me playing that character, we had the best time with my best friend on road trips all around the world and doing jobs we would never do in our lives and had the best time doing it, but now I’m like a serious businesswoman.”

But if the two were to head back to reality TV, they would want to make it a 2.0 version, showing off their brains and beauty. 

“I think if I was doing that, I couldn’t play that dumb character anymore,” she revealed. “Maybe like The Simple Life: Boss Babes.”

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