Pamela Anderson on Her Broadway Debut in Chicago and Telling Her Story Once and For All

An enduring style icon, Anderson has also begun captivating a new generation; one that can’t get enough of the larger-than-life looks she “threw together” in the mid-’90s and early aughts. “The ’90s were about being unique,” she explains of her unstudied, off-the-cuff approach to the bombshell aesthetic she cultivated. From recreating her signature piled-on updos to trying her razor-thin brows on for size using the viral “Y2K” makeup filter, TikTok users are enthusiastically popularizing the #PamCore hashtag. Moreover, Anderson’s style from decades past—everything from her off-duty uniform of cut-off crop tops and denim shorts to her red carpet fashion, from micro-miniskirts and waist-whittling corsets to plunge-neck dresses—has further fueled the trend by becoming prime Y2K mood board fodder. “It’s funny, especially to see the fashion,” says Anderson, “because I’m like, ‘Okay, now everybody’s caught up!’”

As Anderson prepares for her new role in Chicago, she sits down with Vogue to discuss her Broadway debut, the TikTok-fueled nostalgia for her ’90s and ’00s style, and how she’s staying well in both mind and body.

Vogue: Congratulations on making your Broadway debut in Chicago! How does it feel to make it to theater’s biggest stage?

Pamela Anderson: I can’t even believe those words! I’ve never had the opportunity to do anything at this level. I’ve always been a dancer and a singer in my head. [Laughs] I just had to do it…it was a leap of faith.

Chicago is such an iconic production, and Bob Fosse’s work is legendary. From the music to choreography to the costumes, what elements of the show do you love most?

Well, I love Bob Fosse. I love the choreography. I love the storytelling. The script is so amazing. Everything about this is iconic. The fact that they gave me a shot to do it is really shocking for me. I always thought I got away with murder in a bikini. I never had to apply myself to anything and at this point in my life, this was something I really needed.

Behind-the-scenes of Anderson’s photoshoot with Ellen von Unwerth.

Photo: Avery Brunkus

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