Mahabis Expands Its U.S. Slipper Line With the Alto Eco-Friendly Style – Footwear News

Mahabis is bringing a new eco-friendly slipper to U.S. consumers. This month, the London-based premium slipper maker will expand its product offering stateside with the introduction of the Alto, a slipper-boot the brand described as being ideal for every indoor adventure. Mahabis executed the Alto with a look reminiscent of a Chelsea boot, and built it … Read more

Pete Buttigieg Responds to Tucker Carlson and Others Criticizing Paternity Leave

Buttigieg and his husband are off “trying to figure out how to breastfeed,” said Carlson. Pete Buttigieg has fired back at Tucker Carlson’s criticism of his paternity leave. The 39-year-old Transportation Secretary as been on paid leave since August, when he and husband Chasten welcomed twins Penelope Rose and Joseph August — much to some … Read more

Decoding Kyrsten Sinema’s Style – The New York Times

Senator Kyrsten Sinema may have been in Europe recently on a fund-raising trip and out of reach of the activists who have dogged her footsteps, frustrated with her obstruction of President Biden’s social spending bill. But despite the fact her office has been keeping her itinerary under wraps, were those protesters able to follow her … Read more

9 Ways to Spot Junk Science

MICHAEL C. BYERS Science misinformation is now being spewed and shared at record rates. This is the second story in our 4-part Junk Science series that gets to the root of why it’s happening and what you can do about it. To go deeper, check out: Part 1: The Golden Age of Junk Science Is … Read more

Review: Rick Bayless’s Immersive Play ’A Recipe For Disaster” Takes on Influencers

Editor’s note: There was much conversation in July after celebrity chef Rick Bayless announced he wrote a play about restaurants and social media influencers to be produced by Windy City Playhouse. Bayless has theater experience and is a trained dancer. Eater Chicago asked contributor Samantha Nelson, an experienced theater, TV, and film critic, to share … Read more

Air Jordan 1 Mid Womens Coconut Milk BQ6472-121

Historically the sneaker’s most experimental trim, the Air Jordan 1 Mid has recently appeared in a “Coconut Milk” colorway exclusive to women. Akin to Nike Sportswear propositions and the shortest iteration of the Air Jordan 1, the newly-surfaced pair primarily indulges in the off-white tone across its smooth leather build. A mix of base layers … Read more

What It Is & How To Style It

History is full of men’s hair icons. From film stars to footballing legends, a simple search for ‘men’s hairstyle inspiration’ returns millions of shots of styles made famous by celebrities, from Clark Gable to Paul Newman, Brad Pitt to David Beckham, George Clooney to Madame de Pompadour… Wait, what? Madame de Pompadour? The very same. … Read more