Opinion | Sarah Palin’s trial will expose shoddy journalism from the New York Times

Turkel: You didn’t know that Mr. Sullivan was essentially demanding a retraction from another journalist who accused him of stating that there was a link between the Loughner shootings and Republican rhetoric and ideology?

Bennet: I may well have been aware of this at the time. I’m just now trying to remember the — but I don’t —


Turkel: [F]rom what you have told me, it is your testimony you were unaware that Mr. Sullivan was demanding a correction from the Financial Times when they accused him of this very link that is at issue in this case?

Bennet: No, that’s not what I said. I honestly — I just don’t remember whether or not he did this. I mean, obviously he did do it. I just don’t remember what my knowledge of it was at the time.

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