Olivier Rousteing’s Favorite Trudon Candle Gets the Balmain Treatment

“We thought we would bring in a feminine set typical of the world Olivier lives in—not necessarily women, but feminine in general,” says Trudon Director Julien Pruvost. “The note was modified to be able to include a dark rose, deep, dark rose. You see this almost militant yet feminine character appear.” That Rousteing refers to his favorite cadre of models as the “Balmain Army” is a parallel that Pruvost enjoys. 

In addition to playing on Rousteing’s personal fandom, the collaboration is a study in French legacy and savoir-faire. “Ever since 1945, when Pierre Balmain presented his very first collection […] Balmain and France have been inseparable,” says Rousteing. And Trudon, the oldest producer of wax candles in the world, enjoys an even longer French history, creating candles for the country’s royalty and cathedrals since 1643. 

Photo: Courtesy of Trudon

This special-edition candle retails for $180 (though the truly dedicated can purchase the grande size for $880), its vessel featuring a gold and crimson color scheme inspired by the pattern of Balmain’s iconic marinière, a pattern that Rousteing has played with on nearly every one of his runways over the past decade. “Marinière design…fisherman workwear, that became a source of inspiration,” muses Pruvost. “It’s always interesting to realize origin points. And here it is on the Trudon candle, thanks to Balmain.”

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