Olivia Culpo Recalls Her Own “Traumatizing” Past Relationships

Some things break your heart, but fix your vision.

Before Olivia Culpo found herself in a committed relationship with NFL player Christian McCaffrey, the model experienced more than one heartbreak.

During the Nov. 14 episode of The Culpo Sisters, Olivia looked back on her dating history when discussing the relationship struggles between her sister Aurora Culpo and husband Mikey Bortone.  

“I feel bad for Aurora because I think she doesn’t believe that she could just be with somebody who just wants to be with her,” Olivia said in her confessional. “That’s how it’s reading to me and that really, really breaks my heart because she deserves so much more.”

Olivia continued, “I’ve been cheated on and lied to quite a bit in my past. Once the trust is broken, it’s over. It’s so hard to mend that relationship. I was put through hell and those were traumatizing experiences.”

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