November Class of KidsPost: Garrison Elementary in Washington, D.C.


Brenda Douyon’s fourth-grade class at Garrison Elementary School in Washington, D.C., is November’s Class of KidsPost. The school is located on Camp Barker, a temporary home during the Civil War for formerly enslaved people. Douyon’s 19 students told us they admire their families, are big graphic-novel readers and hope to visit New York City.

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Favorite author and favorite book: These fourth-graders love graphic novels. Jeff Kinney and his Diary of a Wimpy Kid series was the favorite, with three votes. Ann M. Martin’s The Baby-Sitter’s Club series (adapted by several terrific illustrators) and Rachel Renée Russell’s Dork Diaries were close behind with two votes each.

Favorite singer or musician: Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift earned first place with these pop music fans, with two votes apiece. Other mentions included Adele, Michael Jackson and Olivia Rodrigo.

Favorite outdoor activity: Soccer led this category with four votes. Second place was a four-way tie with jumping rope, biking, kickball and trick-or-treating, each earning two votes.

City or country you would like to spend a month in: New York City was the favorite by far. Seven students would head to “the city that never sleeps” (one of New York’s several nicknames). Second choice, with two votes, was Paris, which is the capital of France.

Food you could eat every day of your life: A meal of chicken tenders, mac and cheese, and strawberries would please several students in this class. Each food received two votes. Other picks included tacos, noodles and “my Mom’s salmon.”

Animal you would become if you could: No single winner here, but cheetah, cat, dog and bunny received two votes apiece.

Job or career you would like when you grow up: Doctor received two mentions, but no other career earned more than one vote. Other chosen careers included president, historian, police officer and ballet dancer.

World problem you would solve: All the students chose different issues. Ideas included solving problems in connection with global warming, homelessness and jailing people. One student wanted to tackle possibly the most difficult problem: “to make everyone happy.”

Person, living or dead, you admire most: Almost every student chose one or more family members. Three students mentioned “Mom and Dad.” Three others chose “Mom,” and two, “Dad.” Why was Mom the top vote-getter? As one student said, “I just love her.”

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