New Suicide Compilation Surrender: A Collection Announced

Suicide, the influential proto-punk band comprised of the late Alan Vega and Martin Rev, are releasing a career-spanning collection of music. The new album is called Surrender: A Collection and it’s due out March 25 via Mute/BMG. Suicide have shared “Frankie Teardrop (First Version),” which features different lyrics than the original 1977 song, and an accompanying short film directed by the Jesus and Mary Chain’s Douglas Hart. Check it out below.

Surrender: A Collection includes newly remastered songs from the band’s debut album, Suicide, on through its final studio LP, 2002’s American Supreme. It also features special sleeve notes by Henry Rollins. “This gathering of songs is not a ‘best of’ nor is it a ‘definitive’ all-you-need-to-know compilation,” he explained in a statement. “It is an introduction that will hopefully compel you to explore the albums.”

In 2016, Alan Vega died at the age of 78. The following year, his posthumous album IT came out and Martin Rev released his solo album Demolition 9. In 2021, the lost Vega record Mutator and the full-length Alan Vega After Dark, a previously unreleased late-night session with Pink Slip Daddy members Ben Vaughn, Barb Dwyer, and Palmyra Delran, were also released. Sacred Bones will release Vega’s posthumous “Invasion b/w Murder One” 12″ on February 25 as well.

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Surrender: A Collection:

01  Dominic Christ 
02 Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne ​
03 Harlem 
04 Rocket USA 
05 Cheree 
06 Dream Baby Dream
07 Touch Me 
08 Ghost Rider 
09 Mr. Ray
10 Surrender
11 Why Be Blue?
12 Wrong Decisions
13 Dachau, Disney, Disco
14 Radiation
15 Girl (Unreleased Version)
16 Frankie Teardrop (First Version)

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