New Resources from Mass Culture Tackle Arts + Mental Health, NFP Governance and More — BC Alliance for Arts + Culture

Here’s a look at some of the latest resources from Mass Culture.

First, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ Alternative Federal Budget (AFB), now in its 26th year, calls for urgent policy priorities that would ensure a publicly led, inclusive pandemic recovery. Mass Culture contributed the culture chapter to this document. To read the chapter, authored by Ben Dick and Naomi Stokes, with infographics created by Neeha Dsouza, click here.

In collaboration with the Mississauga Arts Council, Mass Culture co-presented the Arts for Mental Health Conference on October 6. You can read more here.

Lastly, Board Governance: Emerging Ideas looks at one dimension of the future of people systems by focusing on Boards of Directors and their related governance models in Canadian not-for-profit (NFP) arts organizations: “The aim of this report is not to replicate the myriad of resources and tools available in an exhaustive literature review, but rather to capture the conversations of the moment in Canada’s arts sector about Board governance innovation—specifically, SHOULD we innovate our Board structures, what are some examples, and what can/should we do.”

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