New NFT Platform Independent Is Here To Connect Artists & Fans Like Never Before

With its official website slated for official launch March 24/25, Independent is coming in hot to solve a problem that has been discussed time and time again within the web3 community: fans having the ability to directly invest in their favorite artists’ careers. Built on the Solana blockchain, Independent is powered by massive NFT project Monk Mafia, which made international headlines after receiving backing from some of Asia’s most renowned celebrities.

The platform will allow artists to give up a percentage of their royalties for fans and listeners to invest in, who in turn will receive special offers and perks. This direct fan-artist relationship aims to allow artists to receive support from their audience while bypassing traditional music industry gatekeepers such as labels and other intermediaries. In return, fans will be able to recoup their investment while becoming official co-owners of the song, owning NFTs that are very likely to appreciate in value while giving artists the means to invest in their career and watch it grow.

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