Natural-Hair Hacks: Products, Tools, Techniques

Claw clips have made a fierce return, but if you haven’t been able to achieve the ultrasleek, almost wet look, there is, of course, a hack for that. Natural-hair influencer Princess Phillips breaks the technique down in her viral video. First, separate your hair into thirds vertically. Then brush the middle section into a sleek ponytail, making sure the puff is high on your head.

Second, take the back section and wet it with water, and rake through your favorite gel — one of ours is Wetline Xtreme ($5) — to accentuate your curls. Leave it while you work on the front.

Lastly, take the front section of your hair, part it in the middle, and coat each side in gel. You’ll then secure both pieces at the base of the ponytail in the middle of your head using an elastic, then take the bottom third of your hair, flip it up to both connect with the middle ponytail and cover the two pieces from the front third, and secure it with a claw clip. You will be left with a flawless hairstyle every time.

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